June Meeting Minutes

President Joan Wagner called the meeting to order at 7:00 with 17 people present.

The last meeting notes were reviewed. It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda and the last meeting notes, all ayes, motion carried.

Financial: Checkbook Balance- $8535.89

Less commitments- $220 future bandstand concert, $1000 downtown assessment, $1300 for rock and $200 for signs for Rainbow, $1000 for 501(c)3 status, $600 for Burma Shave signs, Port-a-pots and advertising for June 1st concert.

501(c)3 – Paperwork is in hands of IRS. Already have $1000 approved for this.

Rainbow Bridge – Still waiting on North side of bridge to be transferred. Howrey has volunteered to help.

Burma Shave signs – Signs should be ready in a month.

Dog Park – Opportunity Living was concerned with liability. Theresa will ask the administrator.

Scavenger Hunt – Set for the week prior to Sweetcorn Daze.

Disk Golf – Concerned with mosquitoes due to standing water. Might have another location picked out.

Create Revitalization Newsletter – Looking for content.

Website – Emma Schmit has website up.

Wayfinding – Future Rotarian project.

Summer Kickoff – June 1st – Response was awesome for the event. Decided to have Live on the Square every 3rd Friday.

July 20 duties:

Jim – Band

Sue – Lynchs (beer and food) and Lions (dessert)

Jill – Coffee/Smoothie lady

Phil – Las Flores (beer garden)

Theresa – Martin Hildreth popcorn

Deb and Emma – Kids activities

Mainstreet Iowa application – consensus of group to not apply at this time.

Suggestion to put barn quilts on two story building when city acquires it.

Theresa asked group to plan a walk/run the Wednesday of Swetcorn Daze. Please bring ideas for route to the next meeting. Sweetcorn Daze Sunset Stroll. This could be a stamp on the scavenger hunt.

Next meeting is July 10 at 7pm at the community room in library.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn, all ayes, meeting adjourned.

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