July Meeting Minutes

President Joan Wagner called the meeting to order at 7:00 with 16 people present.

The last meeting notes were reviewed. It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda and the last meeting notes, all ayes, motion carried.


Checkbook balance- $7535.89

Less Commitments- $220 future bandstand concert, $1300 for rock and $200 for signs for Rainbow Bridge, $1000 for 501(c)3 status, $600 Burma Shave signs, Port-a-Pots and Advertising (June 1 concert). Paid the $1000 assessment.

501(c)3 status: Received the paperwork, waiting on bill fro Schnur. In the future, we will need to send a thank you letter for donations with out tax ID on it.

Rainbow Bridge: Property has been transferred. John will get in touch with the county to repair the road. Clean up with be scheduled.

Burma Shave signs: Signs should be ready after Sac Fair.

Dog Park: Opportunity Living will not allow this on their property. Shelly will approach the city council to see if city owned property would be possible.

Scavenger Hunt: The week prior to Sweetcorn Daze. Emma will be contacting businesses. Age groups set up, t-shirt for winner.

Disk Golf: Need location.

Create Revitalization Newsletter: Looking for content.

Website: Up and running.

Wayfinding: Future Rotarian project in conjunction with this group.

July 20: Band- Rockin Rollamatics, Lynch’s (beer, food), Lions (dessert), and Boy Scouts (popcorn, pop, and water). Still need someone to organize kid’s activities — Deb may be doing this. Coffee/Smoothie lady — not available. Las Flores won’t be doing any beer gardens. *Need people to help set up and clean up.

August 17: Band will be 7 Minutes to Midnight.

Sweetcorn Stroll: This will be a stamp on the scavenger hunt. Details talked about. Registration 7pm, walk at 7:30. August 1st.

Jill discussed the report from Downtown Assessment. This will need to be a collaboration between our group, city, Rotary. Joan mentioned we need to find our focus for this group. Do we need to do events? Do we only need to focus on projects? Maybe we shouldn’t be spending fundraised money on events. Alison said if we have a sub group take the events over (pending success the next 2 bands), the events should be able to sustain themselves. Bring your thoughts to next meeting.

Boy Scouts are making flower pots for around the Square.

Sara asked about the barn quilts for empty buildings. We can’t do anything until the city has ownership.

Next meeting is August 15, 7pm at the Community Center.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn, all ayes, meeting adjourned.

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