March Meeting Minutes

President Joan Wagner called the meeting to order at 7.

The last meeting notes were reviewed. It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda and the last meeting notes. All ayes, motion carried.

Burma Shave signs — John said that they are waiting for the signs.

Dog park — The group agreed that the dog park project would be taken off the agenda due to lack of interest for the project.

Sand Volleyball — Jill talked to the City Council and they liked the idea of putting volleyball courts south of the tennis courts.

Pickleball — The city maintenance crew will paint lines on the basketball court in spring and repair lights at the court.

Flag poles around the square — Costs to buy traditional flags, metal flags, or banners need to be explored.

REC Center — Jill went over responses to the REC center survey. A core group will be formed to move forward with the project. The core group will consist of Kelly Smidt, Justina Ellis, Tyler Fistler, Jonathan Wetter, and Sara Jo Reynolds.

Fundraiser — The Revitalization account that is currently under Chamber will be switched to Revitalization and a new account will be opened for credit card/paypal contributions. The group voted that two signatures will be required for any transactions over $500 on the bank accounts. President – Joan Wagner , Vice President – Jill Heisterkamp , and Treasurer – Alyson Dietrich will be allowed to sign on these accounts.
Chuck Boyd — The group agreed that they would take all the items he is willing to put in the museum.

Summer concerts — Four dates have been set for the summer concerts. Concert dates will be May 31, June 14, July 5, and July 19.

Park entrance — Jill talked to the City Council about plans to fix the park entrance wall. The Council would like additional bids for the project.

Next meeting is May 1 at 7 at Library Community Center.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn, all ayes, meeting adjourned.

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