May Meeting Minutes

President Joan Wagner called the meeting to order at 7:00 with 17 people present.

The last meeting notes were reviewed. It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda and the last meeting notes, all ayes, motion carried.

Financial – Checkbook Balance: $8535.89 Less Commitments – $220 for future bandstand concert, $1000 downtown assessment, $1300 for rock and $200 for signs for Rainbow, $1000 for 501c3 status, $600 for Burma Shave signs, Port-a-Pots and advertising (June 1 concert).

501c3 – Paper work at Schnurr. Already have $1000 approved for this.

Rainbow Bridge – Still waiting on North side of bridge to be transferred.

Burma Shave signs –  Should be ready in May.

Downtown Assessment – Scheduled May 8-10. Assessment should be finalized in 3-4 weeks. There was good turnout for public meeting.

Dog Park – Opportunity Living has not shown interest in the project. The group will look for city property to use for the park.

Scavenger Hunt — Set for the week prior to Sweetcorn Daze. Chamber is on board for us to do this. Emma has card for the hunt.

Disk Golf – No report.

Create Revitalization Newsletter – Looking for content.

Website – Emma Schmit has website up.

Wayfinding – It was decided that multiple groups need to be involved. Other group members will be invited to the June meeting to decide how to move forward. Jill will take pictures of Manson’s signs.

Summer Kickoff – June 1 – The group will pay for two port-a-pots. It was moved by Jill and seconded by Joy, all ayes, motion carried. The group will advertise for the Summer Kickoff event. It was moved by Jill and seconded by Alyson, all ayes, motion carried.

Calhoun County Economic Development will be doing a housing assessment for the whole county.

Jill applied for an Opportunity Zone Grant for the county. Jolley, Rockwell City, and Pomeroy were approved by the State for the grant.

Next meeting is June 6, 7 pm at the Community Center.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn, all ayes, meeting adjourned.

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